AGM, Referendums, Ballots and Membership Mailings

Whilst parliamentary and local/parish elections are the types more commonly seen by the general populous, there are a raft of other activities that follow the same principles and have the same constraints with regards accuracy, timeliness and delivery.

With examples of Union activities ranging from membership renewals and newsletters through to the balloting of members for action, our elections team also handle that wider range of non-political mailings ranging from just a few hundred members through to national activities across the full membership spectrum.

Working to time-frames that may be incredibly tight due to the background of any ballot, the benefits of having the envelope manufacture, stationery printing and personalisation/enclosing facilities all at the same premises are paramount to ensuring a rapid response and can see even quite sizable mailings being released within 24-48 hours from an initial enquiry or call to action.

Equally, there are those mailings where time is still of the essence but where the leadtime may be more relaxed (e.g. AGM’s or membership renewals) but will still be handled by the same dedicated professionals within the elections team and project managed to ensure the smooth delivery of the material in the most cost-effective manner to ensure that your engagement with members and stakeholders is as efficient as possible.