Direct Mail


New for January 2022.

As the latest part of Impacts ongoing investment in its production facilities, the purchase and installation of the UK’s first W+D BB820 High speed enclosing machine further complements our 9 existing lines, allowing us to offer a rapid turnaround of even the largest of jobs with a capacity to envelope up to 20,000 packs an hour.


Working night and day, with speed and accuracy.

With Royal Mail accreditation as a printer, mailing house and envelope manufacturer – we offer a complete service solution with facilities to process your data (dedupe, mortscreen, Gone Aways and presorting for postage discounts), print the base stationery plus any additional inserts, manufacture/print the envelopes, personalise the mailing (duplex lasering up to A3 or inkjetting), fold and enclose the items before handover to the mailstream.

Also working with AnPost mailings for Ireland and a range of DownStream Access (DSA) providers for both UK and International Mailings, we work to find the most economical postal carrier for your particular mailing requirements and those savings get passed onto you to minimise the cost of your overall campaign.

In addition to that pre-sortation for mailsort discounting and carrier selection, we also work with the Royal Mail accounts management team to identify any other available reductions or incentives such as First Time User schemes where additional savings can be made.

With capability to run multi-shifts through to 24/7 operations, and under stringent quality procedures, we can ensure that orders are completed accurately and on time for the relevant mail collection.


Quality procedures ensure orders are delivered on time, every time.

Fundamental to us since our inception, unaddressed mailing packs (Door to Door or Doordrop) have been a key element in the growth of certain industries and is the primary source of lead generation for  many of those companies whose principal audience will be consumers and householders.

As a particularly cost-effective means of reaching out to a wide audience, D2D can still be targeted and tuned to maximise the ROI from your mailing costs and, with a number of lines dedicated purely to enclosing of materials produced at Impact for D2D, our capacity means that we can quickly generate the complete pack (envelope manufacture, insert printing, finishing and enclosing) to react to any market changes or for emergency fundraising mailers and get your message out to those potential donors/consumers in short time frames and without need for excessive stock holdings.

Having been producing D2D packs since 1997, we understand the benefits and the potential returns for certain sectors and developing markets but as a little more background, we have created a short pdf to hopefully explain more which is available here.

And, as for how we manage and produce your Door to Door requirements, we also have an extra pdf which is available here.