Individual Elector Registration/Household Enquiry Forms and Postal Voting Applications

IERSince the introduction of Individual Elector Registration in the summer of 2014, we have managed the daily or weekly outputs for various authorities to ensure that their responsibilities under the scheme meet the prescribed standards for IER and have also liaised with the cabinet office to identify/address areas where potential improvements could be made.

From the initial run of confirmation letters, HEF’s and ITR’s, we continue to produce each element of material to ensure the ongoing success of registration and management of Postal Vote Applications, Attainers and the maintenance of the Electoral Register to cover house movers or changes in circumstances.

Daily or Weekly Pack volumes can be as low as a handful but, with a flat rate pricing philosophy and no 3rd party costs to consider, we take out the need for constant cost management and provide a fixed cost to control the production of that documentation.

As we have seen with the 2015 Election the cut-off dates for PVA have meant that new forms continue to be issued even whilst the main production runs for much of the material are already underway but, through identifying and managing those circumstances and volumes, inclusion of those later registrants becomes another process within the overall election project plan.

And, with 2015 still having an Electoral Canvass due to start no earlier than 1st July, it’s certainly a busy year for all those working in Electoral Services across all authorities and if you’re looking for comparative quotes to ensure the successful delivery of election material is also achieving best value, please let the elections team know your requirements – either by phone (01952 608272) or simply email us at