SME mailings have always been a core part of the mailings that we produce and range from customer updates/newsletters and offers through to wider audience advertising mail productions in that constant hunt for new customers.

Utilising our experience and expertise in the Direct Mail sector, we can help advise as to the production aspects with suggestions on creating a cost effective yet successful campaign with alternative materials, staged releases, versioning options, carrier and pre-sortation levels, postage incentives or other discounts  plus full access to our data and reprographics team to build content, modify previous creative and generally build the pack as we appreciate that your expertise is in your own sector so will be less likely to have access to all of those facilities.

Volumes range from weekly mailers of just a few hundred through to much larger and longer campaigns so there really is no “typical” customer or project size but, as with all client mailings, it will be managed and produced to the same, high standards that underpin what we do.