Reel Fed Manufacture

wd202 WD102High-speed manufacture of envelopes from reels of paper gives one of the most cost-effective and consistent means of producing the envelopes for your Direct Mail campaign.

Ideally suited for higher volume Direct Mail, Doordrop and Business Reply Envelopes, flexo print can be applied directly to the envelopes during conversion from the reel so ideal for PPI, Return address or simpler outside print as well as custom security opaques to match individual branding or provide a message through the window/under flap which can’t be applied by litho print onto pre-converted stocks.

By manufacturing our own envelopes, we can ensure the necessary consistency and quality for efficient running within the enclosing department to further help eliminate costs or excessive over-matter needing to be produced as we’re not beholden to anyone elses timetables or production issues.