Data, Reprographics and Personalisation

To support our production facilities, we also have a team of highly skilled personnel to prepare the artwork files in readiness for proofing and output to plate plus also handle numerous data-types and files from a wide variety of sources. With constant investment in updated Computer To Plate systems, software and supporting hardware, the data team is at the core of the business and their in-depth knowledge of the packages operating is key to the smooth running and production of personalised mailers, base stationery and print for ancillary items or envelopes. Controlling a bank of high speed laser printers capable of producing around 30,000 personalised letters every hour, each cell is led by a senior member of staff who liaises closely with the physical production teams to ensure that timings between artwork-plate-stationery-personalisation is all seamlessly integrated and timed to ensure maximum productivity. With postage rates so important to the cost-effectiveness of any addressed mailing project, the teams also look after pre-sortation to the differing levels for DSA or Royal Mail standards for discounting and, with accreditation for most services plus working with the majority of Down Stream Access providers, we’ll work to ensure that your mailing project is delivered via the most economical means available.  As a Royal Mail accredited mailing house, envelope manufacturer and printer – we also work closely with the account management teams at Royal Mail to identify any additional discounts or incentives that your mailing may be eligible for, ranging from First Time user incentives through to Electionsort or Advertising Mail and any of the other services that are available.