Financial Sector

Typified by short lead times from receipt of data/content to point of release, many financial sector clients can benefit from the speed of response that we can offer as mailings are often driven and controlled by legislative requirements so having access to our facilities for rapid turnaround is a key factor in and one of the main benefits cited by clients in that sector.

From time of notification that there is an impending mailing, presses can be dedicated to production of the base information and data templates prepared in readiness for receipt of the live data.  Once data is made available, it can be loaded into the templates, proofed for version changes and then moved straight to personalisation on approval whilst envelopes are manufactured or printed from existing stocks depending on which is most cost effective for the specific volume required.

Even whilst lasering is still in progress the enclosing process can start and sufficient lines are set and allocated to that run to match the rate at which the personalised pieces are being finished and, as with all 100% mailings, any spoils or issues with inserts in the enclosing stage can be easily re-run and put back into the programme with no loss of time or delay.