• Envelope Manufacture

    Flexible, high-volume, bespoke envelope production.

    Impact specialise in high-volume, machinable mailing wallets, designed exactly to the customer’s specification. C5 and DL, undersize or oversize can be manufactured.

    Up to three colours can be applied to the exterior of the wallet through a flexo-printing process. Single colour washes or custom opaques can be added to the envelope interior for extra security and impact.

    We produce millions of bespoke envelopes each week for government departments, high street banks and financial institutions, as well as well-known retailers and into the trade for onward supply.

  • Reelstands

  • Envelope Printing

    A comprehensive range of printing choices.

    Quality litho-printed envelopes are also a speciality at Impact. With dedicated envelope over-printing presses used for production of stock that can’t be printed in manufacture means that we can supply any size from undersized BRE’s through to oversized C3 in pocket or wallet style and any sealing method – whether gummed, self-seal or peel & seal!

    For a fuller description of our overprinting services, please see our sister-site on www.impactenvelopes.co.uk which you’ll hopefully find as a useful resource for all things envelope and overprint related.

    Envelope personalisation is also available, alongside bar-coding and envelope folding. Envelope number sequencing can also be applied to each item.

    We can double production at the touch of a button, whenever our customers need us to.

    Mark Richardson, Director Impact Mail and Print

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