Coinboard Mailings

An incredibly popular means of fundraising through both Direct Mail and DoorDrop Mailings, coinboards have become increasingly popular and have long been a mainstay of the charitable sectors enclosing requirements that saw our enclosing lines modified to allow insertion of coinboards into envelopes as small as 120x120mm to maximise the yield in terms of envelope manufacturing plus also minimise logistical costs for Doordrop distribution to the Royal Mail Walk Bundling Centres and ensure that funds are best utilised for charitable work rather than in the initial phases of fundraising themselves.

By bringing label printing and application to Die-Cut FE Fluted coinboards (or equivalent) in-house (including full digital personalisation in addition to generic material production), the leadtimes for pack production are minimised and costs kept controlled.  From the £3, 100mm square boards through to much larger alternatives, we believe that maintaining every aspect for the production of coin packs is another unique feature of what Impact can offer to ensure the most cost-effective means of pack production is available to all of our charity-sector clients from the smaller, regional, charities through to those running multi-million doordrop packs on a national (and even international) level.

With significant investment made at the end of 2015, through 201 and now 2017 with our latest high speed label personalisation facilities, we would genuinely challenge any charity using coinboards as a fundraising means to find a better controlled and more cost-effective way of ensuring that their production/enclosing is managed under one roof.

Whatever your requirements – we’d love to hear from you and if you’d like to learn more about what we can do with coinboards, please just use the contact form.

The “New” Pound coin

With the advent of the new 12 sided coin in Spring and the upcoming demise of the current style, our new coinboard styles are now in full production and now remains an ideal time to launch your own poundpack campaign and offer the holders of the estimated 400 million “old” pound coins the opportunity to help deliver the midas touch to your cause as a final flourish rather than allow them to slip silently into the history books!

To help you take the best possible reward from a fairly unique opportunity as a call to action for supporters new and old, we are extending an extra level of discounting to all new coinboard campaign enquiries placed by the end of August – simply call the charity support team on 01952 608272 or email us quoting ref: 2017£1

Whilst the most typical “historical” pack has been a 100×100 FE Fluted board with 3 holes, combined with a 125×125 response envelope and explanatory 8pp 105×105 mini-brochure, why not also take advantage of the campaign to kick-start any opt-in policies that will need to be developed with the mooted changes and introduction of GDPR to ensure your most regular supporters have “opt-in” status and that you’re fully compliant with the upcoming requirements.